Keep Calm and Live On

Surviving the ups and downs of an economy is what every company strives to do, and entertainment is something that always gets hit. However, with the multiple facets Warner Bros. has, I think they will continue to survive no matter what happens. If people don’t have the money to see a movie in theaters they can still buy the movie or rent it from a Redbox or a video store. They also may subscribe to Netflix where Warner Bros. will still get royalties. Then their television branch is on basic cable and doesn’t cost people anything if they have a tv. There are so many options for people to use Warner Bros. products I don’t think they will be in danger of collapsing.

Competition is another thing Warner Bros. needs to keep in mind. There are hundreds of movies made each year and they need to make sure their products continue to stick out. Most people aren’t very loyal to the movie producers. People watch movies based on if they find it interesting, the director, or actors in the movies. Warner Bros. needs to be innovative and creative in the next few years. Producing movies that are different from the millions that are already out there, is challenging, but needs to happen to stay ahead and different.

One way that has proved to be highly successful is producing movies based off of popular books and it’s even better if they are series. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings aren’t all Warner Bros. but they have each brought in billions of dollars. Books like these have such a strong following, when they are produced into movies the fans will follow. Then once you have people hooked you can do what Harry Potter and Twilight did and split the books into more movies. I think series like these can really make a difference in a companies success.

As for their tv programs I think in the future they could look into partnering with Netflix, Hulu, or even Youtube. With the trend of tv season bingeing, having an entire season of a show premiere like Netflix’s Arrested Development could be very successful. People don’t want to wait for their favorite show anymore, and if Warner Bros. partnered in that, they could get more of an audience.

Overall, Warner Bros. is highly successful not only in American but also worldwide. They don’t need to do any substantial changes to stay popular in today’s society, just make sure they stay current and up to date. They should continue to do research and find out what the viewers want to see. Warner Bros. has done great, and I think it will continue to be great in the future.


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Share it, Like it, Tweet it. Warner Brothers Does it all.

In today’s world of social networking, all big companies should have some form of presence in social media. Warner Bros. fits right in with the rest of the companies. Last February, Warner Bros. actually opened up a full time social media-marketing manager. This role would be in charge of updating and keeping up with all things social media and using these marketing tools in the most efficient way possible. They have a large presence on Facebook, Twitter and their own site, Out My Window. Each social media outlet does it’s own kind of advertising.

Facebook is used for displaying video clips, trailers, pictures, discussion about movies, and reminders about past products and premiers. They have 321,433 likes on the original page, plus different pages for the international companies.  Twitter is used to give movie quotes, reminders about premiers, and engaging conversations about movies. Twitter has 640,970 followers at this time. Out my Window is something that was extremely new, but never got much publicity once it was launched. This social media outlet was used to be similar to Instagram and Flickr. It focused on being a place to show off your life and cherished memories in a personalized and fashionable format. They had hoped that small target audiences would use it, such as families and how it is presented is what will want people to use it. However, this strategy wasn’t very successful. The site is set to shut down on December 18th 2013 for good.

I have seen how effective and Warner Bros. is on Facebook personally. One important thing I want to point out is that most individual movies have their own pages on Facebook. The company may not run them but it is still doing its job by creating publicity. For example, there is a Harry Potter page, and it has 66,582,099 likes on it. The individual movies get so many likes because while someone is updating or filling out their profile, favorite movies is one of the categories. Every movie that someone puts in the category links it to liking that particular film’s page. When I first joined Facebook, being a part of groups was a big thing to do. They had groups made for fans of particular movies, but when they disappeared the fan pages started.

Overall, Warner Bros. uses social media a lot and I find it very helpful. When I “like” upcoming movies I will see updates talking about the movie’s release and sneak peaks. It keeps me reminded and invested in the upcoming movies. I think it’s important to have these outlets because social media is so popular and used in today’s marketing plans. Warner Bros. needs to be a part of it and for customers like me, it’s important to keep me interested in upcoming movies so I won’t forget my wanting to see the movie or show.


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Loved Worldwide from Sea to Shining Sea


Not only is Warner Bros. well known in America, they are just as popular through out the rest of the world. In the last decade Warner Bros. developed strong international branch. In 2008 they created a branded services unit. The goal of the unit is to work and add to all the new media platforms all over the world. They have 86 services and 35 territories through out the world.

In 2009 Warner Brothers added another branch to focus on their international program, the television production side. They have their own stations or if they don’t have that capability they will use third parties to show their shows. Warner Bros. continually climbs up the success ladder. They are one of the U.K’s largest and most successful companies, and it only started in 2009.

I think these statistics show that worldwide, Warner Bros. is perceived very well. I got a taste to how important American entertainment is to other countries. A couple years ago I went to Europe for the entire month of May.  We traveled to Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, and France. Several times we would stay with host families and watching TV & movies were their way of entertaining us. When we went to Sweden, everything in general was written in English along with Swedish, but the movies and TV shows they watched, were completely in English. True Blood was an extremely popular show, which is an HBO show, and HBO is owned by Warner Bros. It was popular mainly because Sweden native, Alexander Skarsgard, is a star in the show. This was one example of how I personally saw how a product of Warner Bros. is thought of internationally.

When I was in the Czech Republic a family I stayed with put in the movie Inception. The daughter spoke decent English, but her family didn’t at all. However, they continued to watch this movie in English but with Czech subtitles. I had asked my host sister if they watched it that way because I was there, but she told me that they watch movies in English with Czech subtitles very frequently. My attached video is an example of this type of situation, but with Spanish subtitles. There were other similar experiences my classmates had with their families and even though not all the movies were Warner Bros. production, it shows that American entertainment is heavily respected in different countries. I say that because they wouldn’t spend time watching our movies if they thought they could make better ones. I think it’s especially important to keep in mind that people who don’t even speak English watch English movies. I know I don’t spend much time watching foreign films, so it says a lot they do.

Overall, Warner Bros. along with other major international entertainment companies are thought of in a positive light, because of the products they produce, and that’s why they are not only popular in America but other countries around the globe.

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A Movie Genre for Everyone

When I was about five years old, my go-to movies were animation. As I grew up I went through a stage where I watched horror movies, science fiction, and now I’ve settled on romance to be my go-to. There are so many different types of movies out there, which appeal to all different types of audiences.

One of the ways I’ve noticed movie marketing is while I’m watching a movie in the theater. Depending on what type of movie genre I’m watching will determine what movie trailers will be played. For example when I went to watch Safe Haven, we saw advertisements for the Vow, the Host and the Spectacular Now, all other romantic movies. This isn’t just Warner Bros. exclusively; it is a universally known idea among all the movie producers.

Another way Warner Bros. markets itself to different demographics is what images and scenes are shown in movie trailers. In children’s movies you typically see funny scenes and bright & colorful images. Romance movies have a lot of affection, and romantic date scenes with love music. Action movies have a lot of explosives or fights, and a few images with attractive females. Then you go to the comedies you always see images of people doing stupid things, and a lot of funny quotes through out the trailer. And on another level you have horror movies with screaming, dark nights, and creepy people.

I lead into this a little before but the actor and actresses picked to star in each movie is strategically chosen. In action movies you have the females that look like Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde. In romantic movies you have men that look like Channing Tatum or Liam Hemsworth. You don’t typically see actresses like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston in horror movies because they don’t play the part. In the action movies for men and the romance movies for women they pick actions that are good-looking and well known. I am an example of someone that will watch any movie that one of my actor crushes are in. Any Ryan Gosling movie or Joseph Gordon Levitt I will watch. So I’m sure the company makes sure they make it obvious that those particular actor or actresses are starring in the movie.

Overall, I think that Warner Bros. is not unlike any other movie production companies in how they market to all different audiences. They market by showing off their products by when they show the trailers, what the trailers are made up of and also whom the movies are made up of. I am attaching a trailer of Safe Haven to help prove my point about what kind of images and messages are shown in romantic comedies.


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Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover, but if it’s a Movie, it’s Okay.

My mother always told me classic cliché, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. However, I can always tell whether I’ll like a movie or not by it’s cover. Movie posters are one way Warner Bros. uses images to sell their movies. Along with movie posters, trailers and the actual filming of the movies are how Warner Bros. uses imagery. As I’ve talked about in the past, how Warner Bros. differentiates it’s self can be from it’s images. One example is when looking at animation. Depending on what new technology is being used, that makes their movie look different than the last Monsters Inc. movie, for example, could make those extra viewers come watch the movie. Seeing the evolution of animation from when I watched animated movies as a child to watching animation like it is now is amazing. I know I can count on Warner Bros. to continue to be innovative because imagery is important to the audience and they know how to do it best!

Going back to movie posters, these can be very important. Movie posters are used to display movies as memorabilia or outside movie theaters to showcase the show. I think how the movie is presented can make the world of difference. Sometimes, people see the movie poster before they see any other propaganda from the movie. This imagery is one that stays around forever. The poster is what is displayed on the DVD cases, and on websites such as Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).

The trailers along with the filming of the movie are important in the company’s imagery. They must have clear shoots that capture unique and creative ideas to stand out. Since I am currently enrolled in a tv filming class we’ve been taught on the importance of creativity. Our own thoughts and ideas make is what makes every other video different from others. The first few shots people see of movies can really make a difference.

Warner Bros. uses all these outlets to display imagery. It is one of the most important parts of their products and I think they do a very good job. I found websites upon websites with people’s ideas of the most iconic movie posters. These are ones that are very memorable, and at a glimpse of them people automatically know which movie it is. While looking around I found that Pulp Fiction, 1980’s Batman, the Exorcist, Clockwork Orange, Casablanca, Full Metal Jacket, Good Fellas, and Rebel without a Cause. There are several more but these are the first few I saw. I think this shows that these images have held strong visuals for decades.

Overall, I think Warner Bros. has been successful at their imagery, which is important because if they didn’t they wouldn’t be nearly successful overall.

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Ready, Set, ACTION

Does the shootings of July 20th in Aurora, Colorado at the “The Dark Knight” opening correlate with the general violence seen today’s movies? Warner Bros. may deny it but there are a few others that may think differently. There has been a debate about the violence in Warner Bros. films for decades, but it was revisited after the Colorado shootings. The controversy was so big that Warner Bros. decided to delay the showing of their next movie, Gangster Squad.

Gangster Squad was originally set to premier in September, but didn’t end up being premiered until the following January.  Warner Bros made an effort to cover up the fact that they changed the date, but it was still leaked out. They wanted to make sure the movie based on police war mobsters had enough time for the tragedy to cool down. However, one thing that was noticeable was when Warner Bros. pulled the trailers for the movie. The trailers opened with gunmen firing into a movie interesting… how interesting, and smart that they would decide to take that off based on the recent tragedy. I think Warner Bros. reaction to this proved that they may at least see people’s concern.

I read an article written in the New York Times discussing this issue. They traced Warner Bros. violent history all the way back to the 1930’s with a series of gangster films. Every time movies such as “I am a fugitive” or “Bonnie and Clyde” came out, newspapers were always in a fury with issues of the violence. Warner Bros. was actually sued for their “I am a Fugitive” because of defamation.

Even though they have been faced with ridicule and lawsuits none of it has prevented Warner Bros from continuing with violence filled movies. “Clockwork Orange” was a very popular topic, then came along “Dirty Harry”.

In 1990’s actors and actresses were avoiding being part of such violent films. Arnold Schwarzenegger known for, “I’ll be back” even backed away. Actors were fearful that the action genre had gone too far and didn’t want to be a part of them.

I guess this didn’t put a halt on the violent movies of Warner Bros. When famous director Quentin Tarantino made “Natural Born Killers” and the “Kill Bill” series.

Warner Bros. hasn’t seemed to do much to stop producing violent films over the years, and in my opinion I don’t know if they really need to do anything. If people don’t want to see the violence, they don’t have to watch the movie; Warner Bros. makes plenty of other movies. I think their tactics of not making a big deal out of the controversy has been successful because before researching I never heard anything against Warner Bros. Yes, I noticed there are some unnecessary violent movies, but I never held that against the company.  What people choose to watch is in their own power.

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Warner Bros., Time or Both… How about Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner

I am reading on about the Government’s shutdown while watching the CW’s Hart of Dixie with a People Magazine sitting to my left. All of which are owned by the massive business Time Warner Inc. This company is grown massively since the Warner Bros. start in 1918. This world famous operation is no longer a business that only makes movies and produces them, now with the help of several other businesses; Time Warner is so much more.

When Warner Bros. first started it was run by the four Warner brothers who made movies. They started by traveling from town to town doing their own business until they had their own studio. As the company expanded they began to produce and distribute their movies.

Movies aren’t the only thing the company takes on anymore. They picked up their television wing in 1950. They are well known for their WB station on basic cable, which changed to the CW in 2006. They also play a role in cable with HBO and Turner Broadcasting System. The Turner Broadcasting System is home to TNT and TBS along with their sport programs such NCAA and NBA. The television branch continued to grow and take on Cartoon Network.

While the television branch was growing, as was the movie branch. They grew to have international cinemas and took over DC Comics, which is where the superhero movies are from, such as Superman and Batman.

Distribution continued to grow as VCRs and DVDs were born. They created a branch to help distribute the VCR and the DVDs. When this branch started they also opened up to Interactive Entertainment, which started Warner Bros. being behind the making of videogames.

The biggest expansion the company has found was when they merged with Time Inc. Time Inc. was stated in 1922 and had grown just like Warner Bros had over the years. The corporation started with Time Magazine. They released more magazines such as Fortune, Life, and Sports Illustrated over the next 32 years. Time Inc. continued to create written entertainment and work with the media until they joined with Warner Bros.

After the companies combined they created a massive conglomerate of different genres of products. They have had some that have grown and are still present and others that have been sold. At one point in time Time Warner Inc. had AOL, Six Flags, the Atlanta Braves as assets.

According to Wikipedia, Time Warner Inc. is behind Disney in the ranking of media companies. That makes Time Warner Inc. the worlds secondly largest media company. It’s amazing to see how much the original company has changed over the years. They no longer are just known for making movies, but now so much more.

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